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Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Smooth. Sleek. Effortless.

Say good-bye to unwanted follicles, and hello to bump-free, hairless skin. Discover the joy Laser Hair Removal can bring to your life.

What is IPL Laser?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses selective bands of light to target and heat the hair follicles, damaging and preventing their regrowth potential. The surrounding skin remains unaffected by the light, making IPL a very safe option.

What happens during the treatment? How does it feel?

Once relaxed on our treatment bed, clients are given dark glasses to protect their eyes. The area to be treated is cleansed if necessary, and a cool gel is applied. The smooth glass surface of the IPL hand piece is gently applied to the skin, which pulses of light are emitted onto the area in slightly overlapping sections.

The treatment itself is not painful, feeling more like a slight sting, like the snapping of a small rubber band. That is the maximum discomfort that should be felt. More pain does not equal better results, so we always ensure our clients only feel what is necessary for overall results, minimizing any discomfort.

Following treatment, clients may experience temporary redness and feel a slight sunburn-like sensation or minor swelling, which generally subsides within 1-24 hours. Some body areas can be more sensitive, so if needed, a cool compress or cold pack can be applied to the area to relieve irritation.

How does this stop hair from growing?

The human body only produces around 5-10% of the hair it possibly could at any given time. The rest wait in a dormant state until it is their turn to be activated to produce hairs. These hairs then have 3 stages to their life cycle, after which they go back to being dormant, sometimes for many years.

The first stage is when the hair is still attached to the bulb base. This bulb provides the nutrients to the hair for it to grow, and it is this bulb which is targeted by the laser. The pigment in the hair shaft is used as the target for the laser, heating the hair all the way down to the bulb. Once the bulb has been heated and thus damaged, it will not longer produce hair in the future.


This first stage does not last very long, only a couple of weeks. After this, the hair detaches from the bulb and will no longer have the connection needed for the bulb to be heated as well. This is why it is very important to keep to your schedule for appointments, so it can be done at the needed interval to catch the next round of hairs entering this stage. 


Is there any down time?

There is no downtime after the treatment is completed, and daily activities can be returned to. There are some minor considerations to avoid, such as direct sun exposure, which are discussed in the consultation to ensure they will not conflict with the clients future plans/lifestyle.

How frequently do I need treatments?

It would depend on the area and at what stage in the treatment package they are at, however they would typically happen every 6-8 weeks.

How much does the treatment cost?

This would depend on the treatment area. For full pricing, please visit our pricing page here.

Am I a candidate for this treatment?

Most people can receive IPL laser treatments, so long as their hair contains enough pigment to be targeted, and is darker than the surrounding skin.


Those with grey/white or very blonde hair, or whose skin is darker than their hair would not see effective hair loss, as there is not enough pigment to target the hairs, ultimately leaving the follicle and bulb undamaged and allowing future growth. Those who are looking to complete laser hair removal should do so before hair can change to grey/white, such as on the face (ie. upper lip, chin, etc.).

There are a few contraindications that could prevent someone from receiving IPL treatments (for a full list click here). We offer free consultations as well to help answer any questions, and ensure client candidacy for the treatment.

How effective is it?

IPL Laser is just as effective (if not more) as other laser types, with most clients becoming hair-free in six sessions.


The laser light travels fairly deep into the skin, reaching the vast majority of the hair level. IPL can be an excellent solution for most skin types, especially for those who have generally lighter complexions but  darker hair, as the light is able to penetrate the skin without distraction and just focus all energy on the pigment within the hair follicle. It is also perfect for those who have lower pain thresholds, or wish to have a more pleasant experience than other methods available.

Regardless of laser type or manufacturer, all laser hair removal methods can only remove up to about 80-90% of the hair in an area forever. Over time, a very small amount may grow back. This is because many hairs stay dormant for years, missing the original treatment cycle. Maintenance sessions every so often may be recommended to help target these stray hairs.

What happens in a consultation? Are they necessary?

During the consultation, we discuss the treatment with guests, as well as the concern  they are looking to address. We would then discuss the area/concerns candidacy, and which package would be best recommended.


If they wished to proceed with booking, we would then need to complete a skin patch test. Clients would then fill out a consent form and short skin questionnaire, after which a small patch test would be completed close to the treatment area.


After this, we would book their first treatment appointment (must be at least 48h after consult), and would check in with the client within the first few days to confirm the results from the test patches. A skin patch test must be completed before treatment to ensure

Why Choose Curves & Contours?

We pride ourselves on providing only the services that would truly benefit you, without high-pressure sales. Our information and pricing are fully accessible without consultation, so you have the freedom and knowledge to explore your options, within a price range you feel comfortable with. When paired with our expert advice, clients have advised they feel more in control of their decisions, and can pursue the avenue that is best for them.


Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. Please see disclaimer for full details.

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